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Disabled Parking Woes – the woes never end, they just get dumber

I haven’t posted anything in my parking woes rants in some time, but this past weekend we hit a trifecta of humdinger dumbassery, so let’s get with the ranting shall we? I’ve got three prime examples of parking that would make your hand slap your forehead so hard you’d look like you burned it on hot pan in the dead of summer. What’s got me speaking in horrible metaphors and.. Read More

Dear Mr. Trump – Accessibility is not charity

WARNING! Language to follow! Ok, once more bear with me. I’ve tried. I’ve REALLY tried to not be political in my blogging. This hasn’t always been easy, as my friends will snicker and choke knowing that I am an incredibly opinionated bleeding red Liberal (not to confuse my American readers, the colour for the left and right are reversed north of the border). I’ve never met a debate I’m not tempted.. Read More

Distracted Driving – great ad, terrible message

I have a beef with the government of Ontario. Ya ya…I’m sure many of you are telling me to stand in line, but once more bear with me! (I should make that the blog’s tagline “bear with me”) There is a campaign hitting TV and radio that intends to cut down on distracted driving. The goal is a good one. Reducing traffic related injuries and deaths caused by texting and driving, hell any.. Read More

Heroes on wheels – why do comics insist on healing them

One more time, I’m indulging my geek side, so bear with me again. I’ve written before about just how much of a comic geek I am. Not a complete encyclopedia of all things Marvel and DC but I can still talk my way through the hoops of comic book universe continuity and that makes the modern era of comics a gold mine for me. From great movies to well conceived TV.. Read More

Toronto Subways – the coming Para-Pan Am nightmare

The first time I ever used a subway in  my wheelchair was actually in Washington DC. It’s a small of but efficient subway system and my only complaint was how bloody dark their stations were. Seriously, I could have used a head mounted flashlight at noon! However, full credit that you only ever had to use one elevator to reach track level and there was good space to be secure… Read More

Dumbest Medical Question Yet!

I can’t say dumbest EVER! because I am sure some facility somewhere, sometime will top it. This one has just been grating on me a while so…here goes… I love Lyndhurst. I really do. I wish we had found them for my rehab after my 2011 surgery. Maybe things would have been a bit easier with all the resources we’ve had available to use from them since then. They’ve been.. Read More

Can you tell what’s wrong here? #AccessFail

So here’s a challenge for my readers. For ages on the old site, I have complained about public bathrooms in Canada and I know I do it ad nauseum. Bathrooms don’t make for the most fascinating of reading and certainly, no one wants to talk about public bathrooms, but despite the distaste, we all use them. Since we all use them, they are something quite easy to offer as an example of what.. Read More