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Top Gear Challenge! Offroad wheelchairs!

Sunday night, another episode of Top Gear aired, as the British Series is in the midst of its 18th Series (as the Brits call it). I wouldn’t normally make a deal of this on the blog, as my love for the show is well-known (see Arthur’s ring tone for me). Tonight was something unique, though, that had Shannon and I rolling with laughter on the couch. A Top Gear challenge.. Read More

Wheelchair drifting!

Ok I know I’ve joked about power sliding in my chair before but this takes the cake. Now granted this kid has the advantage of a power chair (so to speak) but….you go kid! Props to Arthur for finding this link. ¬†Drifting requires special skills. Really going to need to work on my mad chair skillz boyz! Where’s the stairs for me to start hopping down?

The Valentine of an MRI

Quick mental note about blog writing…when you get an idea to write, stop what you are doing and write. Don’t write a few lines, then get distracted and think you’ll come back to it…you’ll forget your great idea and end up going days and days between posts (thus I give a weird drug induced explanation for lack of writing since the Super Bowl) Today’s valentine’s day came and went. This.. Read More

The SuperBowl story a Geek on Wheels is interested in

Oh sorry, wait…from all the radio ads I’m hearing of late, since I haven’t paid a licensing fee I guess I should just be calling it “The Big Game”. In any case, I am a football fan and I’m very lucky that my wife is as well (She’s a Bills fan and I’m a Steelers fan…go figure). We’re hosting the party for “The Big Game” this year, though to be.. Read More

Disabled Parking FAIL!

I meant to post this a few days ago, as its almost an adjunct to Dana Hyman’s FB posts of horrible car parking incidents but…get a load of this at my office:   Notice anything odd about this pic of a dumpster gone diagonal in two parking spots? You might have to look close at the ground. Oh hell, like the post title doesn’t give it away, but this is.. Read More

The Geek on Wheels finally has his wheels!

After seven long months, four trial chairs, five (or was it six, I’ve lost count) attempts at delivering it with the wrong parts, and three days of grouching at a company, I now finally have…my very own light cycle. No wait. Damn, sorry, I have the Tron soundtrack playing. I meant wheelchair. Though admittedly…a light cycle would really be cool, wouldn’t it? (and yes I did enjoy the last Tron.. Read More

Reactions one gets while on wheels

Saturday was spent with some friends and their kids enjoying some Chinese New Year festivities at Fairview Mall in Toronto (see my earlier rant about bathrooms) and then a great meal out dining to our heart’s content on really good fajita’s. We hit Lone Star in Pickering and I have to give them credit for some of the best service and most congenial hosts when they noticed me wheel in… Read More