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Geek on Wheels needed some inspiration tonight…FOUND IT!

Haven’t written in way too long, even though I have about four posts in the pipeline…the combination of autumn ills, work silliness, exhaustion, new drug combinations for muscle spasms and about every other excuse anyone who likes to write has ever come up with NOT write, has forced me to start a post with a massive run-on sentence as I was seeking some inspiration on a night where I was.. Read More

Geek on Wheels thinks it’s Elementary Sherlock!

So when I first thought of getting back to writing, it occurred to me that I got to see a lot of REALLY good premieres of new shows while I was off with my ankle up in the air. One of the biggest surprises did come from the titular Elementary, but more on that in a bit…because to me that is the shock of the season…it’s actually pretty damn good… Read More

If you enjoyed Trek: TNG at all – watch this! So says Geek on Wheels!

WATCH: Entire Star Trek: TNG Reunion Panel from Calgary Expo | Star Trek News | Seriously…if you were a fan of Star Trek the Next Generation at all…go watch this. A few weeks ago Calgary’s comic con (seriously…Calgary??) scored a coup of all Star Trekian coups (a Klingon Coup? A Romulan Coup?) by getting the entire original cast back together on stage. That had never happened before then. I.. Read More