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Geek on Wheels ponders “knowing is half the battle”

If you grew up on after school cartoons like I did, then you know that quote all too well. G.I. Joe (not the rather silly movies of today of course). Each episode would end with some lesson to the kids, telling them that knowing was halfway to a goal, or an understanding. For a lesson from a silly animated series designed to sell toys, where the animation was pretty terrible.. Read More

Geek on Wheels parks his thoughts

Ok that was a terrible title…but bear with me once more, oh reader. This past weekend, Shannon and I took our Toby to High Park’s amazing off-leash dog park. It is just a few blocks from us and has some amazing people who don’t mind dog’s getting a bit rough, a bit messy and big sloppy lick and random dog kisses. It’s a fun place. The trick is, the park.. Read More

This Geek on Wheels is NOT for sale!

With apologies for my long absence from ponderings of this relatively new life (with life seeming to get in the way quite often), I hope to be back a bit more regularly. I’ve had a few items come across my desk, my FB page, my twitter feed and my various voracious news reading that have begun to bring back some inspiration. That being said…my first need to post is one.. Read More

Winter – the season of random entrapment on wheels

Last week I posted a blog about the difficulties of being a chair during the winter. How lucky I had been during my first winter in the chair I rely on so much to keep my life semi-normal (whatever that means)…but this winter has been more of what December through March should be. Wild, woolly, shivery and snowy. What a Canadian Winter should be. Before all of this (as I.. Read More

Geek on Wheels – winter weather whining wordsmithing

Ok, let’s get this out-of-the-way immediately. In my first winter of being in a wheelchair (2011-12) I got spoiled. Toronto barely had anything we could even call a winter, with the least amount of snow in decades. I think there was one day with enough snowfall that I felt it wasn’t safe for me to stumble out to the car and deal with the chance of slipping. So I really.. Read More

Geek on Wheels thinks it’s Elementary Sherlock!

So when I first thought of getting back to writing, it occurred to me that I got to see a lot of REALLY good premieres of new shows while I was off with my ankle up in the air. One of the biggest surprises did come from the titular Elementary, but more on that in a bit…because to me that is the shock of the season…it’s actually pretty damn good… Read More

A Belated Remembrance Day tribute…to the Highway of Heroes

A few years ago, back in the original form of the Darth Obvious website, I wrote this article after a rather remarkable drive home from my parents place in Whitby.  When the old obvious site when down I feared it was lost…but went hunting for it with Remembrance Day passing a few days ago (that’s what we call it up here to my American friends). It’s a few days late…and.. Read More

Geek on Wheels Nomination for Moronic Argument of the Year

Mandatory bike helmets? Get serious | The Grid TO. Get Serious? Really? How could anyone who hasn’t been hit over the head even try to make the argument above. Look I know that I am biased, given how my spinal cord injury occurred, and that I don’t even know for sure if a helmet would have prevented it…but for cripes sake! Most accidents on bikes don’t happen from collisions with.. Read More

Geek on Wheels advice to Americans escaping “socialism”

So a rather monumental case went through the US Supreme Court today, and Obamacare was held up! Go figure that enabling almost all Americans to have health coverage should be so controversial…but what was interesting was the Twitter outrage that came from it…and well…see the link below for just how some right wingers took and what they plan to escape the “socialism” that is Obamacare. People Who Say They’re Moving.. Read More