You would be amazed how much STUFF (as I suddenly channel a classic George Carlin comedy act) you accumulate in 10 years related to what turned me into a Geek on Wheels. Well…that and the various amusing injuries incurred during the whole process. The irony is that we have so much of it, we have to store it in the attic. The one place in the house that I can’t get to AT ALL anymore!

Shannon thought it might make for an amusing story while she was pulling down all the boxes to put away Christmas ornaments, as she had to push aside or dodge all the STUFF we have up there. It’s just amazing to think about how much there is…and I wish I could say how geeky and cool it is…but really it isn’t!

Granted most of this has come into the house in the last two years…so let’s see what we’ve got:

  • 1 pair of crutches
  • 1 pair of walking sticks (purchased after 2010 surgery when walking looked better)
  • 2 canes – one with anti slip footpad for indoors, one with an icepick/stab-rude-people-in-the-foot attachment for outdoors
  • 1 full leg length knee immobilzer (after fall in October of 2010). This one was hilarious to see me try to get in and out of Shannon’s tiny Hyundai Accent with my leg sticking straight out like…no wait…this is being read by family.
  • 1 air cast for a broken foot (that has been reused for broken foot bones and toes more times than I can count)
  • 3 Ankle braces (hard brace, soft brace and “foot-up”)
  • 2 titanium rigid back “sport” wheel chairs (granted one of them is just a loaner and the other is still waiting for the proper rims and tires)
  • 3 sets of bathroom handrails (hey some things were tough after the surgeries…nuff said!)

Now all I need is to get the “real” wheelchair properly delivered so I can start modifying it…see my soon to be posted wish list on what to do with people who aren’t looking in malls (think Greek chariots and you’ll get close to my growling thoughts).

I’m sure I’ve missed more than a few, and compared to some I met in rehab, it’s not that much, but when you see it all piled up it makes you think back on how each one came to be.  Now we’re at the point that I can start adding more geeky toys I think…and no I WON’T enumerate the computer equipment! The hard part is knowing that some things I now have to let go of. The golf clubs will be going on kijiji soon enough…though I admit I can’t quite yet convince myself to put the bike up. It’s hanging safely and would only need a bit of work to get going…despite that I realistically know it’s probably not going to get used again (and please, no attempts to convince me otherwise…somethings you just know).

So now it’s onto the new toys…and hoping I don’t have to add any more to the medical ones!