And now for something a little bit different.

Geek on Wheels has existed as a piggy back of my old Darth Obvious haunts for a few years now. Over the past few months my writing has dropped off for a number of reasons, but even as it did, some new opportunities began to rise up from all that earlier writing. So with that in mind, and some renewed enthusiasm, I decided to look into the viability of creating a unique version of Geek on Wheels…and, perhaps, turning it into something bigger.

Welcome to the new Don’t mind the clutter, it’s definitely a work in progress.

As I pondered this project, I did something I rarely ever do…I planned it! Ok…a bit…some notes on the back of some other notes…really! Seriously! Those who know me, know full well how big a step even that was. I considered everything from where to host the domain, whether to host WordPress as a free site or pay for it to be hosted, what should the look be, the graphics, how to export and build in the old content into the new, hell even how to set up a “favicon” up in the address bar. Yep, favicon. That’s what the little graphic you see beside a site name is called…unbelievably I only just learned that!

Despite all I “planned”, there is a lot that is going to change over time. I want this to be combination of my observations of life from a chair, my inane rants about things that make no sense in the world, and my love for all things geek. From travelling with a wheelchair, to potential speaking engagements, to reviews of the new season of Sleepy Hollow and Agents of SHIELD, to just random crap I find and enjoy, this will become the hub for a lot of work outside of my normal work. I hope to build it into something that gets my creative juices flowing, that builds and audience, that makes people talk, comment and think. Even rant back at me.

Expect to see things change. I’m looking to make the header better for both the geek and the wheels. I expect more widgets will be swapped in as I find more useful items, the layout may change. Most importantly, though will be the content. From short quick posts to long thoughts and stories. This is something I have needed to take more seriously for some time.

So feel free to subscribe in that little window on the right. Join WordPress and follow along, comment and discuss and engage. Let me know what you think (and yes I know the subtitle can barely be seen) but most of all…have fun and enjoy my meanderings.

Here’s to a lot more to come and more to be announced.

Now I can get onto my thoughts about Nuit Blanche 2014…and how all the art I saw was basically huge crowds of buttocks! (think about it).

Thanks for reading…and please…feel free to share, recommend and help me build this out with more contributors, more reader and more engaging debate and discussion from this geek, still learning to live his life on wheels.

Jason Chiles

aka Geek on Wheels

aka (for a long time) Lorelord