Celebrity Wheelchair ChallengeWhile doing a wander down the YouTube hole, I cam across this fascinating program that hasn’t near enough views. A UK Celebrity Wheelchair Challenge. I can recall in my early days in the chair that my reactions were very similar to these 3 able-bodied people trying live in a wheelchair for two days around the UK, including flights and public transportation. Take the time when you can and give it a watch. I had to laugh at the comments about feeling like an obstruction to other pedestrians and how you discover hills that you wouldn’t think of as steep while walking, suddenly feel like mountain. Honestly, I have no clue who any of these “celebrities” are but this is a fantastic program giving some of the perspective I try to show in my seminars. A brief slice what life is like in the chair and you get to see the world from that slightly skewed perspective.

UK Celebrity Wheelchair Challenge

Do you think you could do it? I’ve got a spare chair to lend anyone willing to give it a go. All you need is some duct tape for your legs so you can’t cheat, and in my challenge, you don’t get to use your legs at night. Would love to do a video exploring Toronto with me and someone with no experience in a chair giving it a shot. Who’s up for it?