I have to thank both my brother and the Kaljian boys, Luke and David for my new desktop ornaments (no my REAL desk, not the computer!) Trust me this collection is going to be growing, given we now have Star Wars, DC and Marvel in the office to spice things up. And yes I know some comic book fanboys would be screaming murder about the sacrilige of having DC’s Green Lantern alongside Marvel’s giant purple Galactus and his herald the Silver Surfer…call it a transdimensional intergalactic crossover theme.

Green Lantern, the Silver Surfer and Galactus kicking it at FMCN

The only thing that the boys lose points over is not knowing Galactus’ name! He’s not a freaking Autobot…”Galactron”. I really do need to start a proper history of comic books for those boys before they totally lose their geek cred. Now if only the Green Lantern was Kyle Rayner instead of Hal Jordan…aw well.

Wait till you see my plans for the wheelchair!

(and before Arthur complains, I was stuck waiting on a server restore, so why not build your kid’s birthday gift to me?)

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