Mandatory bike helmets? Get serious | The Grid TO.

Get Serious? Really? How could anyone who hasn’t been hit over the head even try to make the argument above. Look I know that I am biased, given how my spinal cord injury occurred, and that I don’t even know for sure if a helmet would have prevented it…but for cripes sake!

Most accidents on bikes don’t happen from collisions with cars! Mine didn’t and I’d bet you’d find that statistic somewhere. We already make it mandatory for kids to wear helmets (and nothing gets me angrier then seeing one riding with the helmet swinging from the handle bars!) and motorcyclists have to wear them…

Why the hell should  pedal cyclists be exempt from something as simple as wearing a helmet?

I can already hear Arthur ready with his argument for why seatbelt laws are stupid…but even he wears a bicycle helmet. You want to know why the government has to impose laws like this? Because of morons making arguments like this!

You think you need to just solve the problem of traffic with bikes and there will be no need for helmets?

Try telling that to a 17 year old with a plastic bag full of wet swimming trunks.