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So how does a geek on wheels drive anyway?

That has to be a variation on the second most commonly asked question I get. Well come on, the MOST common question is fairly obvious don’t you think? I now have a host of interesting stories tell on my next vacation when that question gets asked over and over again…believe me the real story gets kind of boring after telling it so many times. So then what would be the.. Read More

Geek on Wheels offers an #AccessWin! – Eastway Chrysler!

Seriously, how often do you ever give a car dealership a thumbs up? With all due to respect to my buddy John Hyman, ¬†who works at the dealership in question…no one who isn’t a car fanatic LIKES to take their car in for maintenance. That said I do really enjoy my Dodge Journey, but the dealership I bought it from is completely out of date in both its looks and.. Read More