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A dream comes true…now the hard work begins

I’ve tried to write this post for a while now, but I’ve had a lot of trouble expressing how important this is to me. How do you capture, distill and share the emotions of getting back to something you love when you thought it was done forever? Well, let’s start with a classic. Keep it simple stupid (yes stupid would be me). I rode. It’s that simple. I rode. I had two short.. Read More

A Geek Rides Again

I got to ride. For two whole laps! And yes, I looked like a bit of dork while I did it. Jeans? Classic Print Star Wars shirt under a sweater? Let’s just say this was an unexpected treat that I was NOT dressed for.   So let me back up a bit first. Anyone who has read me over on the old site has seen me lament how much I’ve.. Read More