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The Valentine of an MRI

Quick mental note about blog writing…when you get an idea to write, stop what you are doing and write. Don’t write a few lines, then get distracted and think you’ll come back to it…you’ll forget your great idea and end up going days and days between posts (thus I give a weird drug induced explanation for lack of writing since the Super Bowl) Today’s valentine’s day came and went. This.. Read More

How a geek got on wheels, part the two

I had intended on finishing the “how this all happened” story a few days ago but then this thing got in the way….work! Now that my partner (that’s business partner…strange how I have to clarify that) is on vacation for two weeks, I’m SURE work won’t interfere again. Really. I am. So when last we left our tale of adventure, yonder Lore was enjoying life after his first surgery, given.. Read More