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When security beats accessibility

Modern office buildings. If you’ve ever worked in one, you are familiar with the modern security of the key fob or pass card right? Those little devices that use RFID to get you into the building after hours and then get you to your floor if you have the misfortune of working late or on weekends.  They all have them in one way or another and if they don’t, well…they’ve.. Read More

Dear Mr. Trump – Accessibility is not charity

WARNING! Language to follow! Ok, once more bear with me. I’ve tried. I’ve REALLY tried to not be political in my blogging. This hasn’t always been easy, as my friends will snicker and choke knowing that I am an incredibly opinionated bleeding red Liberal (not to confuse my American readers, the colour for the left and right are reversed north of the border). I’ve never met a debate I’m not tempted.. Read More

A moments where you either laugh or cry. Guess what I choose.

A few weeks ago, I was trapped. That’s not an understatement or an over-dramatizations of a moment. Totally trapped and all I could do was laugh. Now, once more bear with me, dear reader, there is a point to this (even if it’s only in my own head). I was about an hour away from home, in a small town just barely in the border of the GTA, called Bowmanville. I had pulled over into the parking lot.. Read More

Can you tell what’s wrong here? #AccessFail

So here’s a challenge for my readers. For ages on the old site, I have complained about public bathrooms in Canada and I know I do it ad nauseum. Bathrooms don’t make for the most fascinating of reading and certainly, no one wants to talk about public bathrooms, but despite the distaste, we all use them. Since we all use them, they are something quite easy to offer as an example of what.. Read More