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Disabled Parking Woes – the woes never end, they just get dumber

I haven’t posted anything in my parking woes rants in some time, but this past weekend we hit a trifecta of humdinger dumbassery, so let’s get with the ranting shall we? I’ve got three prime examples of parking that would make your hand slap your forehead so hard you’d look like you burned it on hot pan in the dead of summer. What’s got me speaking in horrible metaphors and.. Read More

Disability doesn’t give you the right to be an idiot

Many (ok most) of my posts are rants about things that shouldn’t make life so difficult. The things that get in the way of living a normal life. The stuff I no longer take for granted. Unfortunately, as I have learned these lessons, along with family, friends and coworkers who have been on this illuminating change of perception, I have also seen far too many who seem to take their disability as.. Read More

A moments where you either laugh or cry. Guess what I choose.

A few weeks ago, I was trapped. That’s not an understatement or an over-dramatizations of a moment. Totally trapped and all I could do was laugh. Now, once more bear with me, dear reader, there is a point to this (even if it’s only in my own head). I was about an hour away from home, in a small town just barely in the border of the GTA, called Bowmanville. I had pulled over into the parking lot.. Read More

Toronto’s Blue Hornets – they can be people too

Confused yet? If you are a Toronto resident, you may have heard this term before, but I can’t blame others for not knowing it. Blue Hornets are Toronto’s Parking Enforcement Officers, a subdivision of the main police force that handles…well…giving out parking tickets. Really that’s about it. In other jurisdictions, they often also deal with municipal bylaw enforcement, but in’s all about parking. Let’s be honest…they are generally viewed with.. Read More