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The futility of road rage on wheels within wheels

Now wait! Hold on. I know. I know! By definition, road rage happens on wheels. Just hear me out…because it can’t really happen when your wheels are on wheels…honestly this will make sense. Driving home from work last week, the last stretch on the way is Black Creek Drive. It’s a strange roadway in the city’s west end, running south from the 401, a mini highway, with a slightly higher.. Read More

A picture of a storm is worth five headaches to come

Yep…been a while again. I’m working on it. Last night we had the first real good dumping of snow to hit Toronto this year. It wasn’t a massive storm by any measurable level, but as the first good dumping, you know it was going to bring the Monday morning work rush to a standstill. It’s a day that virtually guarantees I’ll be working from home and I often joke with.. Read More

Triumphs and traumas – 5 years ago, a life on wheels began

I knew this anniversary was coming up, but it wasn’t until Facebook posted one of those “here’s a memory from 5 years” ago tricks that I finally narrowed down the exact date. The exact date where I could say my life on wheels went from being about recovery and moved into relearning how to live my life. June 8, 2011. It’s hard enough for me to believe it’s been 5 years,.. Read More

Memories of Morley and my Dad

Last week saw the passing of a legend in journalism and one of the voices that actually sent me to journalism school, Toronto-born Morley Safer. While my journalism career was barely a flash in the pan, I can bring his voice to my mind in an instant. Yet, despite that, for a part of my life I absolutely hated him. Wait…wait…bear with me once more. Sunday nights at 7pm were torture when.. Read More