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Geek on Wheels ponders…his new wheels!

FINALLY! Or as my Texan cousin textually screamed at me as if he was a spanish soccer announcer….CHHHHHAAAAIIIIRRRRRR!!!! Well, in truth it isn’t really FINALLY. I’ve now had my new chair for about a month…and though I meant to write a blog before the holidays about it, compare it to the old one and explain just how vastly superior it is…the strangest set of holidays ever set in. Did you.. Read More

A Geek is getting NEW wheels

It seems like I have a host of stories from our cruise this past that I haven’t had the energy to blog about, but this one I have been purposefully holding back and you’ll quickly see why. I’m getting a new chair! I wrote a post a few months back about GI Joe! No wait…it was about knowing being half the battle…no wait…about how different a chair I’d have if.. Read More