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The Wheelchair Challenge – how would your workplace do?

The summer of 2016 has come to a close and it was a break from blogging for me, but I’ve been working on a few ideas and projects during that time. One of them has come to a great conclusion in the form of my first Wheelchair Challenge with Stantec, a major design and architectural firm in Toronto (and globally). A few brave souls from their staff volunteered to take part in.. Read More

A Geek is getting NEW wheels

It seems like I have a host of stories from our cruise this past that I haven’t had the energy to blog about, but this one I have been purposefully holding back and you’ll quickly see why. I’m getting a new chair! I wrote a post a few months back about GI Joe! No wait…it was about knowing being half the battle…no wait…about how different a chair I’d have if.. Read More

Winter – the season of random entrapment on wheels

Last week I posted a blog about the difficulties of being a chair during the winter. How lucky I had been during my first winter in the chair I rely on so much to keep my life semi-normal (whatever that means)…but this winter has been more of what December through March should be. Wild, woolly, shivery and snowy. What a Canadian Winter should be. Before all of this (as I.. Read More

Wheelchair drifting!

Ok I know I’ve joked about power sliding in my chair before but this takes the cake. Now granted this kid has the advantage of a power chair (so to speak) but….you go kid! Props to Arthur for finding this link.  Drifting requires special skills. Really going to need to work on my mad chair skillz boyz! Where’s the stairs for me to start hopping down?

The Geek on Wheels finally has his wheels!

After seven long months, four trial chairs, five (or was it six, I’ve lost count) attempts at delivering it with the wrong parts, and three days of grouching at a company, I now finally have…my very own light cycle. No wait. Damn, sorry, I have the Tron soundtrack playing. I meant wheelchair. Though admittedly…a light cycle would really be cool, wouldn’t it? (and yes I did enjoy the last Tron.. Read More