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Can you tell what’s wrong here? #AccessFail

So here’s a challenge for my readers. For ages on the old site, I have complained about public bathrooms in Canada and I know I do it ad nauseum. Bathrooms don’t make for the most fascinating of reading and certainly, no one wants to talk about public bathrooms, but despite the distaste, we all use them. Since we all use them, they are something quite easy to offer as an example of what.. Read More

Geek on Wheels rants about #AccessFail – once more in Yorkville!

Seriously…what is it with Yorkville? I’ve ranted about this area of Toronto before, but as I had to wheel around it again today, I keep getting struck dumb by how bad this VERY expensive area of Toronto’s shopping mecca is for anyone with a mobility issue. I’m not just talking about wheelchairs here. Walkers? Forget it. Scooters? Better use the road and hope a cop is around to escort you… Read More