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One big cottage, seven people on wheels – wheelchair mafia unite!

Over on my personal Facebook page, I’ve hinted at an adventure I had a few weeks ago. An adventure that might have seemed rather normal, even boring to the average person. Average doesn’t begin to describe the people I shared it with. They were remarkable of experience, attitude and humour, creating a weekend that pushed our boundaries, opened our eyes, created some new friendships, and won’t be something I soon forget. JJ, Rookie,.. Read More

Dumbest Medical Question Yet!

I can’t say dumbest EVER! because I am sure some facility somewhere, sometime will top it. This one has just been grating on me a while so…here goes… I love Lyndhurst. I really do. I wish we had found them for my rehab after my 2011 surgery. Maybe things would have been a bit easier with all the resources we’ve had available to use from them since then. They’ve been.. Read More

A Geek Rides Again

I got to ride. For two whole laps! And yes, I looked like a bit of dork while I did it. Jeans? Classic Print Star Wars shirt under a sweater? Let’s just say this was an unexpected treat that I was NOT dressed for.   So let me back up a bit first. Anyone who has read me over on the old site has seen me lament how much I’ve.. Read More

Geek on Wheels ponders “knowing is half the battle”

If you grew up on after school cartoons like I did, then you know that quote all too well. G.I. Joe (not the rather silly movies of today of course). Each episode would end with some lesson to the kids, telling them that knowing was halfway to a goal, or an understanding. For a lesson from a silly animated series designed to sell toys, where the animation was pretty terrible.. Read More