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When security beats accessibility

Modern office buildings. If you’ve ever worked in one, you are familiar with the modern security of the key fob or pass card right? Those little devices that use RFID to get you into the building after hours and then get you to your floor if you have the misfortune of working late or on weekends.  They all have them in one way or another and if they don’t, well…they’ve.. Read More

Disability and employment – a challenge to make

A new year and a new seminar on accessibility in the workplace…with a twist. The twist being that this one was covered in a trade magazine called Canadian Facility Management and Design. You can find it here (How FMs can support employment standards), and it gives a good summation of what we talked about but let me add my own two cents (or a dollar’s worth, we know how I can.. Read More

AODA – an acronym all about perspective

Now for something completely different! Recently, I was asked by the good people at Optimal Performance Consultants to take part in a series of presentations to a group of professionals from various walks of business life about the AODA (Acessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act). It was a unique chance to talk to some real decision makers about what life has been like as a working professional (stop…I know I barely.. Read More

The real of meaning of access – on wheels or not

So what does the word “access” mean to you? Stop a moment and think about, it’s ok I’ll wait…I’m just writing this after all. I’m a geek and a computer geek at that, so before all this happened, I usually looked at the word from that context…access to the interwebs, to accounts, to machines. I fully and freely admit, I never thought of it from a perspective of simply living.. Read More