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Do you ever get used to it?

Not too long ago, I wheeled in my front door after a long day, the drive home that felt longer and Shannon out for her first full contact box lacrosse practice. Toby was all over me, the TV was still on and I was trying to figure what I wanted for dinner given the hour. I barely even noticed that an episode of NCIS was on until I looked around.. Read More

Heroes on wheels – why do comics insist on healing them

One more time, I’m indulging my geek side, so bear with me again. I’ve written before¬†about just how much of a comic geek I am. Not a complete encyclopedia of all things Marvel and DC but I can still talk my way through the hoops of comic book universe continuity and that makes the modern era of comics a gold mine for me. From great movies to well conceived TV.. Read More

A Geek ponders Deadpool – enjoying the 4th wall

So you see that geek part before the “on wheels”? Yep, we’re indulging that tonight (and yes this well overdue, but I’ve had this movie on the mind) Hold on, hold on, before I begin. Do you know what the term “the 4th wall” means? It’s actually a term that began in the theatre, where there were the 3 physical walls that contained the play, and then the invisible 4th.. Read More

Celebrating the end of walking

Doesn’t make much sense does it? If you’ve read me for a while, you’ve heard me discuss the efforts I have made to keep walking for as long as possible. Times change though, and if reaching my 40’s has taught me anything, most change comes from necessity. 2015 has become the year of fully accepting my new limitations, but also looking for new ways to keep my freedom. In short,¬†my.. Read More

Geek on Wheels ponders…once more with feeling!

No, I couldn’t resist the Whedon reference. Also have a Bon Jovi song running through my head (10 points to the first to get it) Here’s a question for you. Before reading any of my rantings, ramblings and inane scrawls (truly, you should see my handwriting)…did you give much thought to what it must feel like for a para- or quadriplegic? I don’t mean emotionally. I mean physically FEEL in.. Read More

Cola Karma bites a Geek on Wheels

I hate diet coke. Always have. I can never get over the taste of aspartame, more specifically the horrid after taste it leaves like an oily carpet on your tongue. For years I have joked that it’s actually Die-t Coke…and have chuckled at all the recent news about how diet drinks really are worse for you then their normal brethren. That being said I do get that my diabetic friends.. Read More

Geek on Wheels needed some inspiration tonight…FOUND IT!

Haven’t written in way too long, even though I have about four posts in the pipeline…the combination of autumn ills, work silliness, exhaustion, new drug combinations for muscle spasms and about every other excuse anyone who likes to write has ever come up with NOT write, has forced me to start a post with a massive run-on sentence as I was seeking some inspiration on a night where I was.. Read More

A geek on wheels doesn’t need a “cure”

Since getting back from out summer cruise, I’ve had one buggaboo in my head…and this late cool night in early autumn I feel a need to “discuss” it. I’ve been pondering how best to discuss it without actually offending anyone. I know I know, since when do I give a rat’s ass about offending anyone? Well let me see if this can make some sense. Here’s the gist of it:.. Read More