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“Celebrities” try two days in a wheelchair

While doing a wander down the YouTube hole, I cam across this fascinating program that hasn’t near enough views. A UK Celebrity Wheelchair Challenge. I can recall in my early days in the chair that my reactions were very similar to these 3 able-bodied people trying live in a wheelchair for two days around the UK, including flights and public transportation. Take the time when you can and give it a watch. I.. Read More

Welcome to New Geek on Wheels (Canuck style!)

And now for something a little bit different. Geek on Wheels has existed as a piggy back of my old Darth Obvious haunts for a few years now. Over the past few months my writing has dropped off for a number of reasons, but even as it did, some new opportunities began to rise up from all that earlier writing. So with that in mind, and some renewed enthusiasm, I decided.. Read More