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To confront or not – a disabled dilemma

First post of 2019 and I have to do a short one about a real dilemma. It has to do with disabled parking and the hard decision of confronting someone who may or may not be misusing it. Tuesday evening, I hit our community gym for the first time in about two months. Call it the post holidays attempt to avoid the New Year’s Resolution crowd, call it life being.. Read More

When security beats accessibility

Modern office buildings. If you’ve ever worked in one, you are familiar with the modern security of the key fob or pass card right? Those little devices that use RFID to get you into the building after hours and then get you to your floor if you have the misfortune of working late or on weekends.  They all have them in one way or another and if they don’t, well…they’ve.. Read More

10 Years of Wheels and Love

10 years ago, as I write this now, I couldn’t sleep. Shannon was in bed, the rehearsal was done, there was nothing left to prepare. Just one last sleep and then we would get dressed for an event that would be the best day of our lives. And it was. With its own joys and a few disappointments, it was a spectacular day, with weather that was typical for an.. Read More

Do you ever get used to it?

Not too long ago, I wheeled in my front door after a long day, the drive home that felt longer and Shannon out for her first full contact box lacrosse practice. Toby was all over me, the TV was still on and I was trying to figure what I wanted for dinner given the hour. I barely even noticed that an episode of NCIS was on until I looked around.. Read More

Disabled Parking Woes – the woes never end, they just get dumber

I haven’t posted anything in my parking woes rants in some time, but this past weekend we hit a trifecta of humdinger dumbassery, so let’s get with the ranting shall we? I’ve got three prime examples of parking that would make your hand slap your forehead so hard you’d look like you burned it on hot pan in the dead of summer. What’s got me speaking in horrible metaphors and.. Read More

The futility of road rage on wheels within wheels

Now wait! Hold on. I know. I know! By definition, road rage happens on wheels. Just hear me out…because it can’t really happen when your wheels are on wheels…honestly this will make sense. Driving home from work last week, the last stretch on the way is Black Creek Drive. It’s a strange roadway in the city’s west end, running south from the 401, a mini highway, with a slightly higher.. Read More

Invictus 2017 and a brush with royalty

The Invictus Games. This was an event I had to be involved in for many reasons. I just didn’t expect it to end with a once in a lifetime event. I won’t bore you with how I got involved, the training or how everything went right on the IT Help Desk side of the games. We were bored, which was good as everything worked as it should and very little.. Read More

A dream comes true…now the hard work begins

I’ve tried to write this post for a while now, but I’ve had a lot of trouble expressing how important this is to me. How do you capture, distill and share the emotions of getting back to something you love when you thought it was done forever? Well, let’s start with a classic. Keep it simple stupid (yes stupid would be me). I rode. It’s that simple. I rode. I had two short.. Read More

Part of paralysis I never expected – pain

I’ll be honest as I write this one tonight. I’m doing this to distract myself. I’ve probably written a similar post in the past, but right now I don’t care. I don’t care if this one doesn’t get as many views as my last (thanks for that everyone btw). So, I won’t blame you if you skip this one and I apologize in advance if there is a slight tone.. Read More