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Triumphs and traumas – 5 years ago, a life on wheels began

I knew this anniversary was coming up, but it wasn’t until Facebook posted one of those “here’s a memory from 5 years” ago tricks that I finally narrowed down the exact date. The exact date where I could say my life on wheels went from being about recovery and moved into relearning how to live my life. June 8, 2011. It’s hard enough for me to believe it’s been 5 years,.. Read More

Memories of Morley and my Dad

Last week saw the passing of a legend in journalism and one of the voices that actually sent me to journalism school, Toronto-born Morley Safer. While my journalism career was barely a flash in the pan, I can bring his voice to my mind in an instant. Yet, despite that, for a part of my life I absolutely hated him. Wait…wait…bear with me once more. Sunday nights at 7pm were torture when.. Read More

Heroes on wheels – why do comics insist on healing them

One more time, I’m indulging my geek side, so bear with me again. I’ve written before about just how much of a comic geek I am. Not a complete encyclopedia of all things Marvel and DC but I can still talk my way through the hoops of comic book universe continuity and that makes the modern era of comics a gold mine for me. From great movies to well conceived TV.. Read More

Disability doesn’t give you the right to be an idiot

Many (ok most) of my posts are rants about things that shouldn’t make life so difficult. The things that get in the way of living a normal life. The stuff I no longer take for granted. Unfortunately, as I have learned these lessons, along with family, friends and coworkers who have been on this illuminating change of perception, I have also seen far too many who seem to take their disability as.. Read More

“Celebrities” try two days in a wheelchair

While doing a wander down the YouTube hole, I cam across this fascinating program that hasn’t near enough views. A UK Celebrity Wheelchair Challenge. I can recall in my early days in the chair that my reactions were very similar to these 3 able-bodied people trying live in a wheelchair for two days around the UK, including flights and public transportation. Take the time when you can and give it a watch. I.. Read More

A Geek ponders Deadpool – enjoying the 4th wall

So you see that geek part before the “on wheels”? Yep, we’re indulging that tonight (and yes this well overdue, but I’ve had this movie on the mind) Hold on, hold on, before I begin. Do you know what the term “the 4th wall” means? It’s actually a term that began in the theatre, where there were the 3 physical walls that contained the play, and then the invisible 4th.. Read More

Disability and employment – a challenge to make

A new year and a new seminar on accessibility in the workplace…with a twist. The twist being that this one was covered in a trade magazine called Canadian Facility Management and Design. You can find it here (How FMs can support employment standards), and it gives a good summation of what we talked about but let me add my own two cents (or a dollar’s worth, we know how I can.. Read More

A Trail Chair for any season…if only I can test it!

Happy New Year All! Yes, yes, like everyone I’ve made some goals (not resolutions…that word carries too much baggage). One is to work at expanding GeekonWheels. Haven’t quite decided how all that will work yet, but have some ideas. Of course, writing more than once a month would help, but that’s another topic for another day. The second? Get my bloody hand bike and get back on the trails! With.. Read More

Things that spouses of people in wheelchairs deal with

Back in September, I posted a link to this amusing and OH so accurate article: 23 Things that People in Wheelchairs Deal With. It was a great bit of click-bait reading that made Shannon and I laugh at just how true they all were (yes my hands are always that dirty). It immediately started us dreaming up a new list, as Shannon joked a bit about all the things that spouses.. Read More