Haven’t written in way too long, even though I have about four posts in the pipeline…the combination of autumn ills, work silliness, exhaustion, new drug combinations for muscle spasms and about every other excuse anyone who likes to write has ever come up with NOT write, has forced me to start a post with a massive run-on sentence as I was seeking some inspiration on a night where I was irritated with the world.

Ok…pause…breathe. There that’s better, no matter how many rules of the english language I just broke.

I do enjoy writing…of any kind…and I need to do it more. Writing isn’t easy, you put a part of yourself and the people you know and love into what you write. Doesn’t matter if it’s fiction, non-fiction or a random blog rant that barely anyone will read. You put it out there for the world because you want to. Sometimes though, you find yourself needing something special to get you back into it, to get you over the day-to-day petty silliness that can overwhelm anyone (forget my frakking bad legs…I don’t have it any worse than anyone else).

Then tonight, in my random wanders online, I came across…this. Do yourself a favor, set it to full screen, turn up your volume, turn off your lights…and enjoy. It’s not science fiction. It’s not special effects. It’s not faked.

It’s life and it’s our world. And it’s amazing. Bloody well enjoy it!


Something like this makes me forget the Rob Ford’s, the idiot Black Friday shopping madness, the even more idiotic clients who never listen…and remind me what an amazing place we live in. Call me naive…but as I recently heard our own Commander Hadfield say (and I’m paraphrasing), we all live on this world…we’re not all that different. Now I’m going to go back and watch that again…and then start back to some writing. 

Kudos and full credit to David Peterson for the editing and astronaut Don Pettit  for the images.