In the continuing saga of things you never think about before you get in a wheelchair. Don’t take the wheels off your wheelchair when the temperature gets below -10C!!!! Learned this one the hard way at a client when the temp was -15C a little bit back. The combination of lubricant getting gunky (yes that’s my technical term for it) and the metal shrinking led me to leaning against the back of my truck pounding on a wheel to try and get it to click in place as I froze. I must have made one hell of a sight swearing at the wheelchair.

Lesson learned! Soon I’ll be addressing the wife requested commentary on idiots not paying attention in shopping malls (with a side addendum of “please ask your kid to stop staring like I have two heads”).

Also on a repeat note…Canada in the winter really does NOT work well for wheelchairs. If you get salt snapping up into your face while walking behind me please take my apology in advance. It may be one of the last apologies I give. (day one of business partner vacation down…wait till you see my mood on day 14!)

He’d better find me a Donald in carbonite!