Seriously…what is it with Yorkville?

I’ve ranted about this area of Toronto before, but as I had to wheel around it again today, I keep getting struck dumb by how bad this VERY expensive area of Toronto’s shopping mecca is for anyone with a mobility issue. I’m not just talking about wheelchairs here. Walkers? Forget it. Scooters? Better use the road and hope a cop is around to escort you. Getting into a store good luck!

In the several block stretch of downtown Toronto, I’ve already had 3 spills from my chair, all due to horrible sidewalk and curb construction…so I was encouraged today to see that there was repair work going on through the area that has dumped me on my knees (I’m sitting after all, so kind of hard to get dumped on my ass) several times just trying to pop over sidewalk blocks. Granted the construction was on the side of the road I needed to use…so I had the fun of crossing busy Bay Street with no lights or cross walk! Thank you to the cop who saw me and stopped traffic to let me pass. This isn’t really the point of this rant though, because at least they seem to be doing SOME work. No, this one is about the actual shops in the area…and one in particular.


Yep…that high end jewelry retailer. Take a look below and wonder what I am talking about.

See a problem with the entrance to this place?
See a problem with the entrance to this place?

Looks quite nice and classy doesn’t it? High end marble-like walls…and a gleaming ultra clean (even midwinter) revolving door.

And no other door.

At all.

Now look…I know I am not their target market…I’m not rich, I’m not female and I don’t really go for overpriced chotskies ..but…I know Shannon is somewhat partial to their stuff (I’m male…I’ll never understand why…I just accept that and move on).


Seriously Tiffany? This is one of your premier stores in Toronto…and there is no way that ANYONE in a wheelchair, much less a walker could make it into your store on their own. It’s things like this, in upscale locations that don’t have an excuse for costs, the make me shake my head. I know it’s a small market…I know that architects often don’t even think of it. Seriously though…you are basically telling anyone with mobility issues…we don’t want your business.

And don’t go telling me that there is a fully accessible store up at Yorkdale in an indoor mall…only store I’ve ever seen with closed doors during normal shopping hours…and bloody heavy ones too.

Complete #AccessFail on that one Tiffany’s.