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Geek on Wheels rants about #AccessFail – once more in Yorkville!

Seriously…what is it with Yorkville? I’ve ranted about this area of Toronto before, but as I had to wheel around it again today, I keep getting struck dumb by how bad this VERY expensive area of Toronto’s shopping mecca is for anyone with a mobility issue. I’m not just talking about wheelchairs here. Walkers? Forget it. Scooters? Better use the road and hope a cop is around to escort you… Read More

The Geek on Wheels Award for worst sidewalks in the city!

Can I have a drumroll please? I’m opening the card…and gasp! For two years running its one of the most upscale areas of the city, the Bay-Bloor- Yorkville neighbourhood! No, no please hold you applause. You see I can’t applaud because I can’t lift my arms after the workout I got trying to navigate Bay St. north from Bloor. It’s amazing STILL how many eateries are not accessible at all.. Read More