You know, I have been accused in the past of having too long a fuse, of being too calm, too easy going, too willing to let things slide. But dammit, now I have to pull back a Kermit Flail of “YAAAAYYYY!!!” for being ahead of myself last week. That is just unforgivable!

So after scheduling to be home today for what I had hoped would be the finalizing of the bloody chair….the tech arrives at my door with…tires. Just tires. No rims. No tubes. No quick releases. Just tires.

You gotta be kidding me?

So I must shame-faced retract the Kermit Flailand I have already been on phone and email losing it with certain reps (well as much as I ever lose it…shut up Arthur). Sooooo….no pics yet…and I will not slag on anyone or any company until this whole thing is finished.

All I can say is….SERIOUSLY!??!!?!?