No not the Leafs…oh wait some of you might not know what the ACC is. The Air Canada Centre, which is basically sports central with the Skydome (never gonna be the Rogers Centre to me) right beside it. It’s most famously known for being the home of the Leafs and Raptors…two infamously BAD teams over the last decade. What isn’t as well-known is that it’s also home to Toronto’s most successful sports team, and perhaps the best pro sports experience you can have…the National Lacrosse League Champion Toronto Rock.

Yep, I’ve been gone from writing for a bit. This thing called strep throat has been going around, then this thing called Mass Effect 3 came out (much more on that later). So before I get into the Geek on Wheels side of this let me say one thing. Go see a Toronto Rock game! Seriously, it is the best value for sports in the city, with the most exciting game and players who actually give a damn about the sport they play.

Did I mention they have cheerleaders now too? Oh and they stand behind the wheelchair seating area? No? I’ll get back to that part.

So a few weeks ago, Shannon and I got to hit our first sporting event since the arrival of “the chair”. No I still haven’t decided on a name for it yet I admit. “The Chair” sounds like an ominous B-movie horror flick title. A huge thanks to Shan’s coworker who got us the seats and made sure that we had the wheelchair access. It was easy to get to, and no problem with positioning my chair or the seating for Shan. Now granted, for being the top of the gold section, simple folding chairs might seem a bit cheap…and you can only have one person with you in the disabled section but…definitely worth it.

Let’s see….winning sports team? Check. Good seats at a great price (even for the season’s tickets we’re looking at for next year)? Check. Fully Accessible? Check. Chance of getting beaned in the head with a hard rubber ball? Check.

Only downside to the location is that the door for smokers is right beyond the hall that leads to the seat. So you have to be prepared for one hell of a draft since the Rock play during the cold season (you know…like we NORMALLY get…this winter notwithstanding).

What’s not to like? See the pics below for the view and do yourself a favour. Go see the Rock live. If you smelllllllll…no wait…wrong Rock.

These hit hard!

Just above the Gold section, with all the fun you get in that section, right on the ground floor.