Adaptive MTB – Mountain Biking for disabled riders.

Now this is a UK website, but…it is SO encouraging to see something like this out there that perhaps I’ll be able to look into down the road and take advantage of.

I plan on writing up something long and rambling soon, as this last Monday was the one year anniversary of my going into West Park for rehab following surgery number 3. It was also a week after my followup with the surgeon. That experience was definitely life changing…and now seeing this, I know there is a chance that maybe I can get back into doing something I loved and had a passion for.

I miss Ravenshoe, Durham Forest, hell even the DVP trails. So this is something I will definitely be looking into…might need the help of my Irish cousins to track some of this down (once I get over my cracked ribs…long long story there).

Take a lookk though. Amazing to see what is out there.