First off thanks to all who have commented and sent their support on FB and here. We had a good laugh at the sudden uptick in traffic on the Obvious. Hope to keep that one up with my meanderings on this. I’ll be answering a few questions in future posts, but I had to pause a second for something so very very cool. I wish I could understand the pictures better, but I just picked up copies of my MRIs from before my 2010 surgery. I can’t yet point out exactly where the problem is, but I hope to show a series of pics soon. In the meantime I can’t help but share this just cause it looks so cool.

The Chiles spinal column circa 2009, after only one surgery and when I could still walk without appearing to be a 24/7 drunken lout!

When I get a chance to look at the post 2010 scans I’ll see if I can share a comparison.

On FB Chris had a question about the cause of all this and I’ll be posting that story still to come.

Shan has always said she can see right through me!