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Geek on Wheels offers an #AccessWin! – Eastway Chrysler!

Seriously, how often do you ever give a car dealership a thumbs up? With all due to respect to my buddy John Hyman, ¬†who works at the dealership in question…no one who isn’t a car fanatic LIKES to take their car in for maintenance. That said I do really enjoy my Dodge Journey, but the dealership I bought it from is completely out of date in both its looks and.. Read More

The real of meaning of access – on wheels or not

So what does the word “access” mean to you? Stop a moment and think about, it’s ok I’ll wait…I’m just writing this after all. I’m a geek and a computer geek at that, so before all this happened, I usually looked at the word from that context…access to the interwebs, to accounts, to machines. I fully and freely admit, I never thought of it from a perspective of simply living.. Read More

The Geek on Wheels Award for worst sidewalks in the city!

Can I have a drumroll please? I’m opening the card…and gasp! For two years running its one of the most upscale areas of the city, the Bay-Bloor- Yorkville neighbourhood! No, no please hold you applause. You see I can’t applaud because I can’t lift my arms after the workout I got trying to navigate Bay St. north from Bloor. It’s amazing STILL how many eateries are not accessible at all.. Read More