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So what does being a T9 really mean?

Happy New Year one and all, as I start 2015 (the Future!) off right with a post that has waited in my wings for a while. It isn’t a resolution, just a promise to myself to truly, finally get back to some writing…so…I thought let’s start here. With another of the questions I get so often. What the hell is a spinal cord injury at the T9 anyway? (well, let’s.. Read More

Can you tell what’s wrong here? #AccessFail

So here’s a challenge for my readers. For ages on the old site, I have complained about public bathrooms in Canada and I know I do it ad nauseum. Bathrooms don’t make for the most fascinating of reading and certainly, no one wants to talk about public bathrooms, but despite the distaste, we all use them. Since we all use them, they are something quite easy to offer as an example of what.. Read More

A Geek Rides Again

I got to ride. For two whole laps! And yes, I looked like a bit of dork while I did it. Jeans? Classic Print Star Wars shirt under a sweater? Let’s just say this was an unexpected treat that I was NOT dressed for.   So let me back up a bit first. Anyone who has read me over on the old site has seen me lament how much I’ve.. Read More

Welcome to New Geek on Wheels (Canuck style!)

And now for something a little bit different. Geek on Wheels has existed as a piggy back of my old Darth Obvious haunts for a few years now. Over the past few months my writing has dropped off for a number of reasons, but even as it did, some new opportunities began to rise up from all that earlier writing. So with that in mind, and some renewed enthusiasm, I decided.. Read More

A Geek on Wheels gets licensed…again!

I’m back. It was a spring where I got tired of whining and complaining, but summer is now in full bloom, trips coming up and fun in the sun to be had. Before any of that could happen I had one major issue hanging over my head that had to be addressed. My driver’s license. Months back I posted pics and details about how I still drive, even with my.. Read More

Geek on Wheels ponders…confinement

I’m probably cursing it, but it appears, just maybe, that spring has finally arrived, up here in Toronto.It almost got into the double PLUS digits today and we’re down to only the biggest piles of snowplowed hills left. Hell, I even heard some birds earlier this week…they driving our Chinese Sharpei, Toby, nuts! With the onset of spring, we wheeled ones can finally start to look past our winter confinement…but.. Read More

Geek on Wheels ponders…once more with feeling!

No, I couldn’t resist the Whedon reference. Also have a Bon Jovi song running through my head (10 points to the first to get it) Here’s a question for you. Before reading any of my rantings, ramblings and inane scrawls (truly, you should see my handwriting)…did you give much thought to what it must feel like for a para- or quadriplegic? I don’t mean emotionally. I mean physically FEEL in.. Read More

Geek on Wheels ponders…his new wheels!

FINALLY! Or as my Texan cousin textually screamed at me as if he was a spanish soccer announcer….CHHHHHAAAAIIIIRRRRRR!!!! Well, in truth it isn’t really FINALLY. I’ve now had my new chair for about a month…and though I meant to write a blog before the holidays about it, compare it to the old one and explain just how vastly superior it is…the strangest set of holidays ever set in. Did you.. Read More

Cola Karma bites a Geek on Wheels

I hate diet coke. Always have. I can never get over the taste of aspartame, more specifically the horrid after taste it leaves like an oily carpet on your tongue. For years I have joked that it’s actually Die-t Coke…and have chuckled at all the recent news about how diet drinks really are worse for you then their normal brethren. That being said I do get that my diabetic friends.. Read More