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The Potential Costs of becoming a Geek on Wheels

My wife, Shannon, did some digging tonight and came up with some ballpark figures she had been curious about. She wrote the following and I think its just fascinating. Keep in mind she’s only tabulating stuff done SINCE we got married. Over the last couple of days, I have made the pleasure of reading Jason’s posts and having a few chuckles along the way.  Over the past three years, I.. Read More

Who needs a mountain bike? Check out THESE wheels

Ok maybe not bike but…Linda posted a link on Facebook of a good replacement bike: Hasebikes – trikes, recumbent tandem trikes, handicap bikes, trailer – Handbike. While I love the idea of it, it is…sigh…a road bike…it’s the whole skinny tire vs fat tire biking argument. I might HAVE to move to road bike I admit but…a few months back a few people found an off-road wheelchair and I did.. Read More

You should see my attic! Cause I can’t anymore…

You would be amazed how much STUFF (as I suddenly channel a classic George Carlin comedy act) you accumulate in 10 years related to what turned me into a Geek on Wheels. Well…that and the various amusing injuries incurred during the whole process. The irony is that we have so much of it, we have to store it in the attic. The one place in the house that I can’t.. Read More