Ok maybe not bike but…Linda posted a link on Facebook of a good replacement bike: Hasebikes – trikes, recumbent tandem trikes, handicap bikes, trailer – Handbike. While I love the idea of it, it is…sigh…a road bike…it’s the whole skinny tire vs fat tire biking argument. I might HAVE to move to road bike I admit but…a few months back a few people found an off-road wheelchair and I did some digging for other options. Wonder if I can put any of these on my birthday list?

There is this chair, with an offroad tank-like track system! Ultimate All-Terrain Wheelchair – Action TrackChair. Can you tell they have hunting on the mind for that set? Won’t exactly be a performance chair but I’m sure that would get some attention in the malls and get people out of the way!

Then there  is this one out of Great Britain which looks fracking Sci-Fi (not SyFy..what an idiot renaming): Trekinetic All terrain Wheelchair.

Or…I could try the first sport in this sight…extreme downhill 4 wheel mountain biking!! Extreme Wheelchair Sports. Actually all those are just AMAZING. Seriously going to be looking into options once spring comes around and I get the all clear from the surgeon (five months left in the so-called “healing cycle”)

Once I get my actual daily chair finalized I’ll post some pics of it. We’re already ordering accessories…and I’m still trying to find Shan her one demand…a bloody cup holder for her coffee!!!  (and no I am NOT getting a flourescent whip flag!) At this rate I’ll end up in better shape then I was when my legs did work. Go figure!